Our Instructors only teach the National Standards for First Aid, CPR, AED  (Red Cross) & Self Defense (RAD Systems & radKIDs)

Common Sense Safety Classes
Learn First Aid or to Reduce and Stop Aggression


We are a group of Nationally Certified Instructors 
dedicated to teaching commonsense personal safety classes
to children, teens, women, men and seniors
in our studios or at your location.

Available in NH, VT, MA, CT, ME, RI, NY, FL and now California!

Programs and Workshops

  • American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED - Adult & Pediatric (Child & Infant)
  • RAD for Women, Men, Kids & Seniors
  • RAD Advance Self Defense, KeyChain & Weapons Defense
Speakers Available for Presentations

- Personal, First Aid, Home, School, Internet, Fraud, Theft & Travel        

 These programs  include:

·         Knowledge to make a common sense decision about safety

·         Properly respond to emergencies for defense and medical care situations

·         Comprehensive awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance skills

·         Practical and useful basics of hands-on, with manikins & emergency training

·         Information on physical and non-physical defense options 

·       Classes that cater to physical and mental ability levels despite age, experience, and strength


         Common Sense techniques & information that will be used after the first day of class! 

                               90% of Common Sense Safety is  AWARENESS & TRAINING!

Common Sense Safety Classes
(603) 494-0780


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