cat harris - New England & New York

She is our leading instructor for Key Chain Defense and also teaches Basic and Advanced R.A.D. Systems classes certified by the National Academy of Self Defense. She is also our Spanish speaking Instructor ┬íHablo Espa├▒ol!  Cat is an assistant editor for documentary films and loves spending time outdoors, especially while painting!

anne Marie dawes - New England

Anne Marie is a fabulous special olympics coach. She is certified to teach Women's Basic Self Defense and works in the Security Technology Area.

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Common Sense Safety Classes instructors have diverse qualifications and know firsthand about the physical and emotional safety concerns that people face every day.

Some of our instructors are nationally certified by the National Academy of Defense Education in RAD Systems and the American Red Cross while working in the high technology and film industries. Our team looks forward to providing attendees with practical technology safety solutions, First Aid Certification and the emotional and physical training people need to know when faced with an emergency situation. 

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Joanne correia - Florida & New England

Joanne is the founder of Common Sense Safety Classes and a globally recognized speaker for more than 30 years. As a 2nd Degree Black Belt and one of the leading instructors for the National Academy of Self Defense, Joanne enjoys her time teaching RAD Systems training programs in Basic, Advanced, Weapons and Keychain Defense. For more than a decade, Joanne has run women, senior and children's safety programs and taught American Red Cross First Aid and AED/CPR. She is a retired Vice President at Gartner Inc, a leading research firm in the Technology Industry. Joanne loves to ride motorcycles, relax on her boat and hang with her husband, dogs and friends on Pine Island in Florida and New England.

Jon Correia - Los angeles

Jon is an amazing filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California who is also one of our male instructors. He is a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and certified to teach R.A.D. Systems Women's Basic, Simulation, Advance Defense, Weapons and an Simulation Aggressor.

Jess Correia - New England & Florida

Jess builds those awesome stages you see at outdoor music and sports festivals. She is based on the east coast. She is a certified to teach the R.A.D. Systems classes: Women's Basic, Advance Defense and Simulation. And is also an instructor for First Responders with the America Red Cross